2nd year show spaceĀ 

At this point in the project after many failed attempts I have come up with a plan to connect all of the aspects for my make your mark and other projects 

I plan to show 

  • Several ceramic tiles with pewter inlays to show the experimentation and process of pouring pewter in to or onto a ceramic surface. Not all have them have worked but i want to show the progression of technique and knowledge through trial and error.
  • Two ceramic cups with carved lines. The negative space was meant to be filled with pewter but unfortunately within in the time frame i had i did not have time to tweak the process to allow pewter to i case the vessel. However it shows the process of my projects and i still like the look of them even though they dint work out as i planned. I will potentiall fill the space with resin after they have been glazed so they look finished. 
  • Two glazed ceramic vessels with bronze  or copper coated steel welding rods encasing the cupsto form a handle. This design is to incorporate both ceramic and metal mediums in a simplier way. Pouring a molten or liquid metal into a mould or round a surface has proved to be problematic which with more time next year i can explore further and have the time to do so. So taking a separate and solid metal and moulding it around the cup without the need to technical processes is a compromise on my concept of combining metal and ceramic 

Other projects

  • BAMS! My medal is the biggest achievement in a project i have made to date. Although it wasn’t right for BAMS and there were still some issues with it i am so proud to have made the medal and will certainly have it on show  within my space or as a collection with the other medals i am not sure.
  • Field – morroco wall hanging. I like the outcome of this project it represents my trip very well but i dont know whether it will fit worth the aesthetic of my Make your mark project and BAMS. 

With the Make your Mark project i plan to have two small shelves made of old dark wood. They will be in a horizontal line leaving space to the right for the tiles to be hung. I want the two lots of vessels to be sperate so show the separate ideas. 


Having a line of tiles, with a self and the craved vessels on a shelf beneath, follewed but the handled vessels and a shelf below that. This layout i think would clearly show the progresssion of this project whether the outcomes are what i planned or not. 


If i am unable to have wall space i will have a plinth, i would have the 4 vessels on top with the tiles hung on the sides of the plinth m,abuse a small shelf for the medal on the sides.