Mia Pearlman

Mia Pearlman is an American contemporary artist, who is know for making paper Installations.

She has recently undertaken projects using aluminium. although she still retains the beauty of swirls bends and twists of her paper work. However she does not give it a definitive theme or influence. She allows the visitor to interpret the sculpture how they like. They often compare it to the ocean or wind something ever-changing.


I discovered Mia pearlmans work in a book called installation art by Ginko Press. Where her work Gyre:

PhotoScan (31)

and Inrush:

PhotoScan (30)

beautiful cascaded down the page. This is the most fluid and beautiful sculpture i have ever seen. The complexity of each creates movement. Like a snapshot of something moving or living like a creature of the sea, or the ocean itself. Each installation is made up of many pieces and can be rearranged differently every time.It is a very diverse sculpture whos composition can fit any space.

Most of my experimentation has been free hand, unplanned and going with the flow of the metal or stitch. i wanted to try make shadow tests with more structure and complexity to them, so i made a mini paper version .


I love the detail of this paper cylinder its so precise yt busy with swirls holes and cuts. Its like the wings a butterfly or a very elegant patterned cocoon.IMG_0583

As i am starting to focus more on the shadows produced in my work,so this technique is perfect. I am able to create a very detailed pattern that makes complex shadows. Every inch on the space would be covered in swirling crisp lines and curves.IMG_0586

With this design i followed the same style of shapes but used dis-solvable fabric . Its not a sturdy as the card making the lies softer in some places blurry. I find shadows are more impressive when sharp and crisp.

Although the shadows are not as good as the card. In the light the stitching looks like a golden wed of criss-crossing stands. In the light you can see the different colour thread under the gold. I find this adds more to the piece because there’s more to look at and even trace with your finder.IMG_0588

I have re-visited the research and inspiration from Mia Pearlman as i plan to use the shadow designs in my Make your Mark project. The first paper design i feel will work very well has theres a similar ration of light and dark, with lines that are fairly larger. Wheres in the second design its is made up of many fine lines intertwining which will be harder for the pewter to travel through when on the ceramic vessel.