The main theme of this collection is based on the term dichotomy, the best description of this term is using the example of ying and yang, they are opposite pieces that are harmonious yet opposite. the dictionary term describes this term as:


division into two parts, kinds, etc.; subdivision into halves or pairs.


division into two mutually exclusive, opposed, or contradictory groups.
I interpret the word as two separate parts that cohesively come together to form one.
Contrast is one of main words taken from the gesamtkunstwerk project. The juxtaposition between material was a key aspect i wanted to incorperate in my structures. However, the materials need to work against each other. i wanted to experiment with either bronxe, ceramic, concrete or wood.
 Although the central forms will be an organic form the frame will still imprint some geometric shapes in to the object. To balance this out in the frame i want to create an irregular
The influence of Dichotomy inspired me to look into contrasting forms and materials and finding a way to bring them together. It helped me to embrace the very natural fluidity of the inside material and reflecting the geometric and organic properties in to each form.

Collect 2018

Collect is an international event held in London at the Saatchi gallery. the exhibition brings ” Museum-quality works and installations from hundreds of the most talented makers in the UK, USA, South Korea, Japan, France, Norway, Italy, Belgium, Germany, the Netherlands and Sweden offered visitors and collectors a multidisciplinary overview of the people, processes, materials and ideas defining international craft.” (craft council, 2018)

Collect is an example of some of the highest quality and innovative examples of craft from around the world. This trip was an example of the high end of craft showing the range that our potential products could be, it also helped show what was on trend and what is successful. I found there was a large amount of ceramics and jewellery. Although there were a few furniture pieces the majority of the work were decorative pieces, their function coming from their aesthetic qualities rather than physical function. The prices ranging from a few hundred to a few thousand, highlighting the market for these craft objects.



These are my top photos from the collect trip. I have chosen these photos for either, form, texture, colour and finish. the running themes in these photos are either metal pieces or ceramic that has the finish of metal. Many of the pieces have a geometric pattern to them ranging from regular and irregular patterns.

Collect helped me accept and push the more sculptural part of my work so far, I found myself trying to create functional table ware and re-fusing to make purely decorative work. I felt that functional would be more wanted and needed within the craft market. After seeing the ration between function work such as furniture and table ware compared decorative or ornamental work, which had a high rate within the exhibition.   It showed me that not necessarily one is more successful but there is a market and want for ornamental and sculptural craft.