Professional progress

With the continuation of ceramic and metal home ware i would like to sell or represent my work in lifestyle shops such as Fig 1 in Totterdown, Bristol. Not only is this very local and in arts and culture scene but they carry work that fits with my style of making. Their description of the Wapping Warf website states;

The curated collection of unusual finds, kitchenware, lighting, books, prints and tabletop ceramics makes Fig1 the perfect spot for an mooch after lunch or the place to stop for a present on your walk home from town. The selection at Fig1 Wapping Wharf also includes jewellery, greetings cards and small items of furniture so there is plenty to browse through on an afternoon in the docks.

The collection of work varies kitchen ware lighting and furniture, among other object that sit at a slightly higher price range than cheaper commercial shops such as Tesco or IKEA. However I do not think the price range is too high as they are bespoke made object that are on trend. Shops such as these appeal to the everyday home owner who appreciate the objects they put in their home rather buy the cheapest out of necessity. (Fig1, wapping Warf)

I am also open to pop up shops such as the local artisan pop up shop in Cardiff arcade. This is where some makers are already exhibiting. It is a way to show and sell your work in short burst of time, as there is the insentive to buy it now or learn about the artist as they may not be there in the following days.


Local artisan pop up. Available at: Accessed on 12 Dec]

Wapping Warf, Fig1. Available at: [Accessed on 12 DEC]


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