Dissertation Reflection.

I found myself enjoying the actual writing of my dissertation. I found that by choosing a subject I am actually interested, that loosely links to my subject worked help me find motivation to write. However I did not have enough motivation do to the foundation work earlier on in the summer, if i could go back i would force myself to do so much more reading and note taking during this time. I can not even explain why i didn’t get my act together and do the work sooner. When it came to the few weeks before formative hand in I was incredibly stressed i had to do a lot of reading and the writing but again found my self enjoying a few of the books I used within the formative. It was a silly mistake which I  payed the price for during formative.

I am having issues splitting my week in to subject and dissertation time. I found I have not been able to focus on writing when my project is so up in the air and so close to the summative deadline for subject. I know I should not but I feel like I may have to reduce the dissertation work to just reading extra books during the term and focus more of the writing during Christmas. This will not be easy but I believe it is better to do this rather that procrastinating with Sennett’s ‘The Craftsman’ open in front of me for the whole day.

Another big worry for me is getting the dissertation technically correct, so getting the referencing correct, the abstract, making sure I do not plagiarise myself  and the structure to name a few points. I am confident enough that I will hand in a relatively okay piece of writing and I do not think I will fail. The fact that the dissertations hold so much weight in regards to credits accounting towards my degree is very scary, as I find this is not my strongest are.  I know not to let that worry me as from previous essay i have surprised my self and managed to achieve good marks, so with better time management i can achieve a good dissertation.

I am still worrying about the dissertation and am slightly anxious by the huge word count. The largest piece of writing I have previously had to do is 4000 and that was the proposal. So 8000-10,000 is a little bit daunting. I have left a lot of the work  till this term but there is nothing I can do except face the challenge, try to improve my time management skills and get on with it.


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