Second year has been a big turn around for me. i found my place within art, design and craft. i feel like i have started to fall in to the category of studio craft after experiencing Bams i want to create bespoke or small batch products that either go up for sale or can happily fit in gallery setting. This is due to the live brief in subject and my constellation essays and subjects. Bams was an intense process in a fairly short time frame. The pressure of time forced me to get my  ideas and making sorted very quickly and kept me going through the process. it was an intensive process to make and finish the medal which i found i loved, both the material of bronze and the structure of the project. Although My medal wasn’t what the Bams competition was looking for i am proud of my medal i pushed myself out of my comfort zone and really tried in the project. It showed me that my weaker area for projects is the conceptual side of the brief and if i were to improve to an equal level to my making skills in metal then i would be achieve a much higher grade. I am pleased with the amount of techniques i had to learn and use to create the moving and textured medal that i wanted. This is the first end product that i am proud to show.

For the make your mark project i really wanted to explore bronze, i love the intense process of the molten metal, the variety of finishes and techniques to use on the bronze, i find it all fascinating. I originally started looking at table wear and cutlery, but more textural and sculptural to suit my normal aesthetic, i then  moved on to ‘re inventing’ the sport. However it didn’t feel like the project was representing me very well and i started to resent it over Easter. Instead of stumbling along i decided to change my ideas with 4 weeks to go i found some photo and maquette experiments from first year that produced intricate shadows. I took this inspiration as my new starting point and decided to play with contrast between materials specifically metal and ceramic. It is using my favourite medium and what i see as its apposing material. It was an incredibly difficult and held many issues. I decided to view this project and a documentation of experimenting and progressing through the theme of contrast and combining  the two materials balancing function and aesthetic. Alot of the process didn’t work but this created a different but interesting result and taught me how to improve and alter some of the process. My mantra for this project was ” If ive learnt form it, its not a mistake or a failure” So i managed to show a collection of aesthetics, functions and processes for my end display. It has inspired me to carry on the challenge and further test the [processes and techniques at try other materials.


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