Professional Practice

AS a starting point for preparing for my future and professional practice was to look at logos and forms of advertising. I don’t feel comfortable at the moment drawing and creating my own brand my hand so i decided to look into  websites that design them based on relevant information you put in about your business.

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As i am unsure about where my practice fully lies i decided that my name or my initials is a good starting and neutral starting point. Whether i make my own business or join a company of makers or designers my name as a brand may still be appropriate.


These are my two favourite designs as it is simple but has the relevant a simplest information needed to promote myself i feel the casual brush like strokes of the fronts represent my practice and me as a maker and person well.  I think the orange and clear initials would be a striking design on a businesses card and not be to overwhelming.

This particular sight tailor brands charges between £2.50 – £8.99 per month billed annual for unlimited business cards for that year.

I think this is a good and cost efficient option if you can find a logo that suits your practice. However i do want to experiment myself using paint, pencils and even using illustrator over the next year but i am intrigued by the options given by the website.



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