Conrad Shawcross


Conrad Shawcross is a British who creates metal sculptures based on science and philosophy, these sculptures are mechanical creating a surrounding grid of shadows that change and move as the kinetic sculptures moves its form.  The sculptures are made of connecting geometric shapes enhancing and complimenting the mathematical movement of the mechanics.

i have looked more in to his light work which is solely based of the differing shadows created from the kinetic sculptures along side the viewers perception of time like in his work Timepiece 2013 in the Round house London.

Along side is technically perfects metal sculptures with a deep context of  Paradigms

broad str 2

I have been looking in to the contrast between sculpture and shadow and metal and space, both very distinguished from each other creating distinctive and beautiful patterns. However Shawcross has been able to create aesthetic pieces with a meaningful and in depth context about philosophy mathematics, perception. these themes take knowledge to understand and translate in to physical piece. on a smaller scale i am investigate the balance of contrast and the balance between function and beauty, a more physical concept but an in depth one inspired from Shawcross’s use of physical and not.



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