Artist Statement

Ceramic and Metal

Zoe Connelly

Ceramics, pewter, copper, steel,


This work is a visual documentation of experimenting with ceramic and metal. I have used

The make your mark project and my display to show and document the progression of the processes involved in combining the mediums. I have tested different processes and forms of the mediums to show variety and compare what works and what has not. I plan to further explore the balance between the functionality of ceramics in a domestic setting and beauty of metal in other forms such as bronze or aluminium with is often used in contemporary jewellery and embellishments. The work shows a scale from flat ceramic tiles and  pewter, to a carved vessel which did not support the pouring of a metal, to wrapping a steel in solid state around a vessel. The inspiration for the patterns came from shadows i made from small maquettes from first year. There is parallel between the juxtaposition of  ceramic and metals based on contrast of shadow and light within my initial experiments. The glazes used were planned to enhance the patterns of the shallow carvings based on the shadow work and the intricate wire handles encompassing the ceramic vessels.


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