Future Practice

Although this year has shown my a lean more towards craft specifically making i am still unsure of the future. Im pretty sure teaching is not for me but a PGCE would be a back up plan because you never know how the future could change i could see myself as a technical demonstrator but i would like to try my own practice before this option.

If i am successful in producing a object that would be ideal for selling say and metal and ceramic vessels, potentially table wear or further i would look in to company and business hopefully relatively small to take me on for skills set. SO early on i would not want to try and start my own business as i dont have the confidence or the experience to jump in head first. New designers would be a likely first step and other craft and design shows in the area or country like collect.


This website has a list and descriptions of key design and craft shows mainly in the country but some further a field as i get close to what my skill set and concepts are i will re evaluate what shows are appropriate to me.

Hopefully in the future when i have product i would be more inclined to show or sell in craft type shops or gallery around Bristol and Cardiff as they are my local areas dor uni and home but first i need to find my skills set.


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