Make you Mark – Take Two

Over the Easter holiday i started to resent the current project of bronze table wear. After researching the writing about craft, it history, context and definitions, i consider my self part of the craft category of art verses a fine artist or a designer. The making of cutlery in my choice of bronze was too heavily product design based. Bronze would not have been a suitable materials for items used for consumption.

With this revelation that the project based on who i am as a maker did not reflect me and my practice i looked through my old photos to try and stir some inspiration up. I came across some shadow work from 1st year, i felt like i didn’t reach and explore the full potential of these photos and sculptures.

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These forms were inspired by Artist such as Cornelia Parker, Conrad Shawcross and Mia Pearlman, who all create large installation pieces although Parker and Shawcross have used Shadow work in their previous pieces Pearlman’s chosen medium is paper.

I am intrigued by the high contrast between shadow and light within these photos, i feel like they would translate in to other mediums such as the combination of ceramic and metal. The shadows have a lot of potential that i want to explore further but not in the form of an installation, i want to create a physical object that would be situated in either as gallery or a craft shop, fair. Although this project is based on our mark i want to test the concept of functionality in my work. Metal is my preferred material but can be hard to make it fully functional for consumption, how ever ceramic is the most associated medium for table wear.

i plan to create a slip cast of a vessel like a cup or mug and etch out the prominent lines from the primary research of the shadow photos. I then plan to pour pewter in to a mould containing the slip cast ceramic where in theory the pewter when heated and in a liquid form should flow in to the grooves etched out. This is a new concept to me and i have not seen this does not yet so there will be trial and error i suspect mainly with creating areas for air bubbles to escape when pouring the pewter. If this concept is successful this has the potential to move on to bronze and maybe even porcelain for 3rd year, but that is all if this process works.

Using the shapes and contrasting colours of the shadow work i plan to experiment with the balance of fragility of ceramics and the durability and beauty of metal in particular for this project pewter. The element of functionality provided by the food safe ceramic cup creates a concept that is functional but durable with the decoration and support from the pewter hugging the ceramic vessel. Pewter in this form is removed but its industrial metal conception and takes on the forms inspired by delicate jewellery rather than heavy industrial forms.

The exploration of opposing materials and how to combine them in a durable but aesthetically delicate form is quite the challenge as the materials require completely different process and techniques to produce both the ceramic and metal elements. i find metal very comfortable to work with and know the process quite well, ceramic is a difficult and unknown process to me and has made time management difficult, however i feel this idea can go far and is very interesting. it represent me as a maker. From the dual materials incorporating metal, in a craft form.



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