Julian Stair Simone Ten Hompel

I am specifically looking in to the collaboration between Julian Stair, ans English potters, academic and writer with Simone Ten Hompel the German world renound metal smith, Their exhibition line being caller ‘Re-naturing’ the vessel.  Where they have taken domestic culinary objects such as the cup, saucer, spoon. They have beautifully integrated their apposing materials in a seamless way. Stair would with a variety of clay and ceramic forms from delicate porcelain to building standard red bricks.  Where Ten Hompel is a metal smith, who’s preference is silver but works with many metal forms. The collection consists of

  • Black marl clay with guilded metal
  • white porcelain with alabaster
  • Silver with red clay
  • Brass and other metals

The artefacts are grouped together in families of contrasting materials, to emphasise the up rooting of materials used and their relevance in domesticated objects. In the Oxford ceramics gallery Julian stair has written a section on how their similarity helped them creating and understanding in making for this project. He explains how both himself and Simone ten Hompel’s practice involved a shared philosophical position about the central value of material culture.   They wanted to create a strong cognitive understanding of art that should draw on haptical appreciation as as well as intellectual analysis, a critical phenomenal perspective.

I have referenced and taken inspiration from Julian stairs and Simone Ten Hompel’ s collaboration because they have found a way to combine what i consider apposing materials domestically functional ceramics with aesthetically beautiful and industrial metal. Although my ideas involved joining the two materials, which may or may not be possible. Re-naturing the vessel shows the beauty of contrast between ceramic and metal and how they can compliment each other whilst enhancing the ideals of the objects whilst adding a new aesthetic.


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