Make your Mark

This project is based on making our mark, were experimenting with potential avenues for 3rd, year, for our practice. BAMS opened up so many possibilities to me. i have always have a love and almost natural affinity with metal. usually cold manipulation with steel steel, so working with metal but using molten metal was a huge change for me. But i loved it the intense process and the versatility of the material really intrigues me.

My starting point is bronze. its a traditional material that can hold a more contemporary style. however i don’t want bronze on its own i want another medium to support it. I think theres more skill and a better look with a dual materiality within a project. I remember walking through last years degree show and seeing my favourite pieces being made from more than one material.

  • Bronze and pewter
  • Wood and aluminium
  • Ceramic and wood
  • Concrete and glass.

In the past ive used more industrial materials and tried to explore and emphasise the beauty i see in them and portray it to everyone who thinks they can not be beautiful. I think i want to go back to working with a materials that you don’t consider beautiful or elegant and use them in a delicate way.

Im really intrigued with the combination of concrete/ cement  and bronze and very industrial material meets very traditional. the idea of a deep bronze metallic and contrast with the pale smooth or textured of the concrete/cement would be a very interesting.

i think the idea of bronze and wood although in the past i really have not got on with wood as a medium. Im going to give wood turning to see if that process has any more potential with me. Im interested to see how the mix of wood and bronze would be but it doesn’t intrigue me as much as other combinations.




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