31st January goodbye Morocco

I got up at 6am four me this was a difficult task. We had to leave the riad by 8 am, as the last day i had to stock up on food at break feast. Thank the heavens there was CAKE! There had been a breakfast cake drout which had caused a bit of distress in the week. All of out favourites they really did like us! 

We got all of us luggage of the coach and said goodbye to our beautiful riad and the city that had been our home for the week. I was sort of in a daze leaving i couldnt comprehend that i was leaving it already felt like a dream that i had been in this beautiful country for a week. 

We went through the many fazes of the airport and lucky me i was way under the weight limit which was shocking. And hour later we were finally through to the toilets and food where the waiting would commence. I got a little board and decided to fake swim in the pristine marble floors. It was finally time to got to the gate where we had  to continually wait for another hour or so. This seemed like a great opportunity to try a spontaneous Disney accapella band. I dont think well be touring anytime soon. After two gate changed and a delayed plane we made it on board. 

The plane ride was pretty okay we had beautiful greasy toasty and a fairly okay few hours untill turbulence hit. ITs a little off putting when you get asked to switch all devices off completely so the plane can rely on sensors and transmitters to land. As we were descending all we could see was cloud untill the next thing we know were looking at the sky and then the floor as in aparralele and landing track inst that far from the wing, it was bumpy, slightly scary and absolutely awesome. There weren’t many who’s shared my opinion apparently. 

There were a few hiccups in bristol airport what with missing luggage get that turned up, misplaced phones and angry passengers but we made it to the coach and made it to cardiff. 


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