29th January Berber village Ourika valley 

In the distance from Marekech the Atlas mountain fade into the clouds. They intice you with its snowy views from your sunny roof top. Hidden between the mountains was Ourika valley. This is where a group of BerBer people live. BerBeris another   culture of Morocco, i asked one of the local men who was showing us the  flour mill and he described it as one of the traditional cultures they live a more basic life, not in a negative way less technology less westernisation. Admittedly in the Arian shop they do have card payment but life up is is dependant on the stream from the mill the farming and the traditional way of making Argan oil. The man told us how for flour they only pay 10% because they use the water from the mill for free, they accept enough money to survive but not to take advantage and to keep the community going. I bought a beautiful hand woven rug which contributed to re building the mosq. THe valley was beautiful as it always has water, but with that beauty comes consequences. The village had been destroyed twice within the last few decades due to floods. Which explains why the bridges look less than stable, the risk of another flood could happen at any time. 

The BerBer people come down from the mountain once a year with the cow to a tannery in the souks. The locals all advised us to go to this great even that happens once a year great photo opportunity! Little did we know what it actually was. The BerBer community is a culture that maintains the traditional ways of Morocco. It was amazing to see that a community like this is still thriving. 


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