27th January, The fake camel ride 

When i first choose to go on this Morocco trip i knew that if i saw camels that were treated fairly well and not abused i would go for a camel ride. I was super executed as the camel is the most mostly associated animal with North Africa and the deserts. Also i feel like it was a once in a life time opportunity its. 

The guide SIed suggested a “camel” ride the Palmer * an area of land where palm trees are grown* Where it would cost 300 Durham. If the animals were in good shape I didn’t think it was a bad deal. SO i decided to tag along. After a 20 minute ride with banging tunes in the car we arrived at the p-Almere where camels lined up with men in tunics under a tent in the trees. The camel seemed a good wqeiught or what i presumed to be a good weight no bones sticking out munching away on some greens. 

We were dressed in traditional riding clothes a colourful long tunic with a head scarf which came in handy when the rain came. The attire wasn’t the most flattering but i felt the part. The men started to line up the camels  high after i paid realised were very very closely tied together, most behaved but the odd one that didn’t sit down were hit in the neck. I found this quite difficult to watch. But other than that they were treated pretty well. 

We had Zulu in the front then Cous cous, Shakira, Victoria, Beyoncé (my camel), Michael Jackson followed by James bailey. I have to say the best line up of camel there could have been. WE started our hour treck through the palm trees, all was calm having a nice plodd with Beyoncé when another group of camel passed the two males of the group made the most terrifying( out of no where) noise, a very guttural and gravelly sound. As the camels were so closely tied Michael Jackson vocal display was incredibly close to my leg. As it took me by surprise i nearly fell of Beyoncé. 

We also got a bit confident the camels have a very gentle gait meaning we could swap legs on the camel and sit side saddle which entertained us a little. This is wehere the two men with us dropped the bomb. 
I was in fact seated on Dromedary also know as  the Arabian camel, this meant it had one hump where’s actuall camels have two. This may not seem like a big difference to most but to me this was ground breaking. As this was a great topic area for debate i was annoyed i was indeed not on what is considered a camel in Marrakech. Other than that i thouroughly enjoyed the expirience they weren’t baldly abused and by a lot of standards greatly cared for. I really enjoyed the cultural expirience of sitting for tea (which honestly tasted like dromedary wee) and wearing the traditional clothing. Sitting on logs Ina tent hung in the tress was a different expirience for tea time that i had expirienced through the trip. 


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