26th Ysl gardens and henna 

Today was a free day of sorts we were able to choose what activities we did that day, the majority of us preference to stay as a larger group as being mainly females we get more attention from the locals. Hence the large group, although we come across more touristy theres safety in numbers. The descion was to go to the Majorelle gardens also known as the ysl gardens. In this space is a shrine to the late Yvette saint Laurent. 

After an interesting 15 minute walk which unfortunately became a 50 minute walk outside the madina we found the garden which was suituated in a lovely building site that I’m sure Heath and safety would thouroghy approve of.The garden was spectacular, so much vibrant colour and foliage that drew in the many tourists. I discover many interesting textures and interesting shadows and light patterns through the many breeds of trees. 

However the most beautiful part of the gardens were the vibrant klein blue columns rising from the ponds. The intense colour contrasts but is harmonious with the clinging vines and flora incasing the structures. When I imagine the colours of morroco i see the sunset orange of the madina walls ad klein blue of the gardens. The garden reminded of an oasis suituatted in the middle of a dry dresser. The growth and life within its walls are clearly etched in my mind.

Sadly we did stay long in the gardens but if given the chance i would love to go back drawing  and photograph just to spend more time in the utopia.The sheer beauty and vibrancy of the colours were hard to capture in any form other than sight. Although it was at the beginning of the trip i could tell it was one of the highlights.

We all walked back towards the Riad where we were meeting to continue on to the clock cafe. This is where we were having our henna lesson. Maqrrakech is a a maze like city meaning it is difficult to navigate but so very easy to get lost. One of the men at the riad, hemmi led us the way to the cafe which wasn’t much further than the thumbs and goverment shop. 

IT appeared they weren’t really expecting us and went on a merry chance to find the lady who was meant to teach us henna. IN the mean time we all ate. The food was delicious and they’re specialIty drink mint lemonade was to die for im feeling the withdrawal already. After a little while a lovely lady came with her hand made henna tool, glitter and photos. One by one we sat down and she created the most beautiful and intricate patterns on our hands. She only spoke Arabic and French so the manager of the cafe, Tarim acted as an interpretator. She decorated us with swirling patterns, our names in Arabic, hearts flower and glitter. 

However one of the most interesting parts for me was the cultural diversity of her patterns. ON myself she influenced southern Indian traits within the henna, others had Saudi Arabia or wedding pattersn, curling their hand and arms. She made each of us individual matching to the clothes were wearing finding out our names, it was a beautiful expirience. 


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