25th January, The Tour 

Im a fussy eater, breakfast being the worst meal of the day for me. However Moroccan food or what ive had so far                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  Is fantastic lamb, beef chicken vegetables, rice, cous cous, hand made breads, rotis mint tea and more. I think an important part and one way of intergrating in to a culture is to try the local cuisine. The breakfast was a positive way to start the day and cake for breakfast doesnt hurt. 

Our tour took us on a short walk through the Jewish quarter to the Bahaia Palace. Where we toured the beautifully crafted palace previously owned by the prime minster in the 19th century, where it housed his four wives, 24 concubines and many children. The ornate courtyards and halls housed important governmental figures including kings and was the place of important desisions. For me the architecture and use of materials were beautiful. The locally scourced cedar wood had been hand carved into intricate designs covering the ceilings and half the walls. IT was incredibly ornate and beautiful the many courtyards with lively gardens were a beautiful sight against the vibrant tiles. 

The next stop was the Menara gardens which from what i saw didn’t really look like a garden, outside the madina where the rich flourish we walked down a long stretch surrounded by olive trees. WE reached a resovioure of sorts looking over an absolutely stunning tea hous peering in front of the Atlas Mountains. Surrounding the resovouir were milled of olive trees. To maintain this healthy garden the water wears full of Karpov, that are know to reach 15kg. We stood feeding these massive fish delicious bread whilst viewing the beautiful scenery before heading back to the coach. 

Ben yeses old university Suks 

Medicine man 

The square 



Goverment shop 780-69


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