Before Marekech  

Initially when I think or even google Morocco I picture tiles bright colours, community, religion and well desert, these are stereotypes that the majority of people especially in the west associate with Morocco. From an artist point of view I focus on the vibrant colours of dyes, pigment, thread, tiles and spices. I imagine materiality and craft due to the suk its stalls craftsmen making, baking selling their trade. However from a cultural view I think of prominent religion regurlar prayer hierarchy in society both generation and sexes. I am from a a multi cultural country where there are many apposing opinion and faiths or even non beliefs. I want to see if the multiple religions are similar or if they are like the western worlds take on multi cultural society. I don’t mean to offend anyone but it seems the main religions out here Islamic, Jewish, Berber even Christianity are fairly similar to me , this is more than like to lack of information and expirience. The majority of people belong to a religion which seems to be one of the main focuses of the society here. And that is fine. I have no issue with religion I actually find it very interesting to see if religion is as prominent in everyday life as I assume it will be. I am intrigyed to see if the different faiths compete and over rule or if they harmoniously thrive in the city. I am aware that women have a lower position in society than ,en here, im lead to believe that women are thought of possessions and should be hidden away, I want to see if this is just another stereotype or if it’s true. If it is true how will I be able to deal with the conflicting emotions of the suituation. Targeting these cultural issues will help me create a deeper understanding of the city and help me produce an outcome that I feel is connected to its inspiration. 


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