24th January Cardiff-Bristol- Marekech 

After a grulling and dark 3.00am wake up we made it on to the flight and to morocco safe and sound. 
THe airport was beautiful and modern with fantastic patterns on the outside of the building. Already had seen repeat patterns of stars, triangles and circles. Happy that my previous research for my digital stitch was some what correct we drove to the madina. The coach ride was terrifying as cars, bikes, motorcycles and coaches were all fighting for their place on the road both left and right side, locals bundles up with scarfs and woolly coats on the the 16 degree heat practically summer for us British. I noticed straight away how health and safety were out the window children stuffed between parents on a motor cycles waving joyously at the tourists on the bus, weaving between traffic and people walking through the road playing chicken with the transport speeding round the corners. Safe to say my nerves were shot to shreds. 

We arrived at the riad a beautifully tiled and inviting hotel with the kindest people there to help us. The highlight being the balconys on each floor viewing a clearing the in the centre of the buildings, again stunning vibrant tiles and warm paechy clay. The views were stunning of the frost bitten mountains km away to the constants beeping of horns from the road bellow the roof top was all stunning. 

After and lengthy game of “who wants what room” myself and holly decided to take a walk, find some oranges. As I said in the previous post I had a lot of pre conception of the culture which I tried to ignore so I would be able to experience the city myself. Unfortunately it went a bit wrong. What seemed like a friendly chap refused to leave us along helping us haggle show us sites untill he insisted we went to his family restaurant . When we declined he unfortunalty got angry, we were able to escape after some shouting about their customs how we were rude. I was quite shacken up. When going to distinctly culturally different places I try to be as respectful as possible, however in the U.K. Even if someone is being terribly nice I am not trusting enough to go somewhere unknown with a lack of people with someone I don’t know. I truly felt bad that I had disrespect his culture, but he was rude a little bit aggressive and said some nasty thing about me directly. It may be ignorant but even when trying to be respectful I will not ignore my own ideals and values.

This didn’t give me high hopes for the rest of the trip, however with some fantastic cous cous, some new Cardiff met friends and a group walk I felt much better. It was only a sample of one area with hopefully just one nasty person. With different activities lined up with support from my group and the beautiful surroundings of Marekech I hope to have a much more enjoyable and informative time in Morocco. 


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