Cognitive futures reflection 

THis term I have enjoyed constellation, i found the subject matter relevant and relatable to my subject work.  AS a maker we often relate our work to materiality and how sustainable it is, so being able to discuss sustainability and how our design had changed aour culture throught the years.  The structure of the session helped me stay focus through the 5 hours. 

  • Beginning video, 
  • text or discussion,
  •  group work and reading texts. 

IT is helpful to have a task of reading through a break so you have enough time to actually process the information at your own speed. I sometimes felt that if i had 20 minutes for a lomng or complex text i would find it hard to focus and understand it in the time given. Although videos such as  youtube videos are a tricky scource to write valuable information from, i find it useful to hear the actual deliver talk about their work and theory’s. similarly it is beneficial to talk in groups to understand from someone else’s perspective who potentially find its easier to understand or adds a new point. I have also found it interesting to see how a graphic designer talks about sustainability in their practice. WE often deal with intense or sometimes difficult theory’s so the group presentations or discussions helped me understand the work and relate it to my practice, for example the tasks inspired from the STI in cuddly toy form. I heard alot about the first session which I wasn’t there for so cant really comment of it, how ever the rest of the session flowed well and made sense to me. I honestly didn’t think i would be able to cope with 5 hour lectures but they’re really weren’t that bad. I have enjoyed the subjects we explored especially wabi sabi and will treasure Lenorads KOrens book on wabi sabi


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