Bristol suspension bridge 

As i was researching places in bristol i thought about the suspension bridge an iconic structure in bristol, the bridge is well know throught the country and would there make a statement if it were the site of a public realm sculpture. 

Ive always wanted to experiment with newtons craddle. This model has always inspired me from both an aesthetic and physics perspective. I find it amazing how kenitic energy is transferred through stationary matter to push the end marbles away from the rest. It is a fundamental law of physics. However the act of passing energy and the demonstration of it is beautiful. I simple frame with 5 marbles hangin central, but when the end marble is pushed away it creates a beautful line that contradicts the linear marbles. 

The idea is to re creat newtons craddle on a large scale suspending from the Bristol suspension bridge. A interesting ideas would be to open it for science week which for 2017 is 10th till 19th march. I know it would ot be possible in this time frame but its a relevant. event to work towards. I originally thought about it being temporary but the amount of time, money and materials needed for this would be enormous. It would either need to be funded by the council or by science institute/private donated. HAving said that is would be minimum for of a few hundred thousands potentially in the millions.  Also steel would not be a suitable material to hang from a suspension bridge nor is it the most coast efficient appropriate or safest material.

THis lead on to other design such as soft sculptures of the double helix based on the science week theme


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