Birn Beck Pier 

I really enjoyed the idea of bridges how they’re built their materials, but the suspension bridge and my ideas with it weren’t quite right. So i started to think about bridges and pier close to home. IN weston-supper-mare we have two piers the Grand pier and also Birnbeck pier.

And this is birn beck 

Bit beck is the original pier in weston/ kewstoke it was built in the 1864, however  ironically in 1696 JOhn pigott of Brock levy owned the island in which the pier was built, it used to be called berne island. The pier opened in 1867 but was used for life boats in 1882. 

Over the years BIrn beck pier has suffered lack of use and horrible weather. After a particularly bad storm a few years back the pier became deilapdated a warped. HOwever i find the broken rusted pier beautiful. Unfortunately the majority of people dont agree with this. Many have tried to save it but non particul;Amy like the way is ot even acknowledge the old pier. 

I wanted to bring attention a back to the old peir to either promote funding for it or to to highlight to importance of its place with in Weston’s history. 

My ide was to wrap or recreate elements of the broken pier and put the form around the grand pier. AS the new pier is so famous and gets a lot of tourism it would be a popular spot for people to see the re creation of the old pier. 

My other idea was to have a viewing spot where binoculars would show the peir with an image overlay displaying different images of the pier . For example one overlay would shop the pier and fill in any areas to show what it used to look like. Of it is a futuristic building in 100 years time. 

Over the years places like the Tropicana an old outdoor swimming pool, birnbeck pier and winter gardens get sold get funding plans fall through and other disaster occur they get left to rot. So in previous years there were plans to re build the pier. I managed to find the short listed ideas that never went through. 


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