Wax Cup

To create my medal ive had to use a lot off processes that take time to set, book or make. This ha given my little bursts of “free” time to work on setting up the later steps, for example creating my wax tree.

Away tree is the form in which you tick your wax medals on to wax stems and runners. These are varying lengths and thickness of wax cuboids. 

In advance i was able to make the cup and centre runner, which looks like this.

TO make these forms you need plaster moulds.In the foundary these moulds are available. To prevent hot wax from sticking to the plaster i soaked them in water for about 10 minutes. Once they are out I poured about 2 ladels in the the cup could and waited for it the cover then bottom slightly before rotating the mould and covering the edges. I repeated this untill i had a thick layer. I then filled the other mould which creates 5 runners 1 very thick one for the centre runner (stem) and 4 thinner runners to join on to the medal. 

ONce i cut the biggest runner to just over 30 cm. i joined it to the bottom of the cup. The size of the runner depends on how many medals you plan to do. The most efficient way to properly weld the two bits of wax together is to get an extreme to hot palette knife rest it between the cup and runnerpress them together and pull the knife out. This process has to be done incredibly quickly or you will burn through all of your wax. Its tricky to get the hang of but it is the most successfully was of joining the wax together

The next step when the cup and runner are joined is to put a handle through the form. This is so the tree can hang and dry, be stored and so there’s something to hold, the hand is on a large screw which you twist through the cup into the runner. 


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