Full scaled 3d Model 

After the success of the mini 3d Print i decided to re print the medal in 3D at full scale. I needed to see whether the design would function. AS the previous model was 75% of the design details like the channel didn’t fully work. HOw ever this could have been just because of the reduction in size. To see if this was a design fault or just the size of printing. 

This second print took me 9 hours to print, this wasn’t a big issue because i let it print over night. I also modified the design slightly before printing. To make the inner disc more stable whilst rotating i had 4 prongs instead of 2. The larger model was also incread to full size which was 100mm in diameter. 

A problem that I didn’t realise untill after my 3D model were printed was the fact that the tabs are always going to be the same thickness as the channel due to the materials available and programmes. With 3D printing and Rhino i would have been able to make the tabs smaller (with help). BU by the time i had realised this is didn’t have the time to re print this design. So i took a chance with loazercutting with a different technique and marterial.AL though this was an issue with a bIt of sanding they spun smoothly showing other than the thickness of the tabs the design actually works.



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