Accrylic finger print 

After using illustrator to work with the fingerprints and help make them a little clearer and more defined i needed to cut them on the laser cutter so if there was a enough definition to put on my medal . 

This photo doesnt give justice to the prints, After the alterations i was able to get a clear er cut. With this attempt they still look like fingerst just like the first go except the individual lines of the finger prints are much more prominent adding an identity to the engraving. The deatiols of a finger print at real life scale is too fine and small for the laser cutter to replicate so even with all the tweaking on illustrator i had to enlargen the prints a little bit . In tried to stay on a scale that was relatively close to ur real fingers. If they were too big I think when someone would look at the medal something would seem off they would seem realistic. The slight enlargement is a compromise between aesthetics and the capabilities of the process. 


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