3D printing 

Whilst creating the finger prints i was also designing the mechanics of the medal and how the individual disks would rotate . After the cardboard maquette i had design an actuall medal with real measurements on rhino. I prefere working hands on with materials gauging it as i go, so “drawing” a 3D object on a computer is really far our my comfort zone. I found it very difficult to actually understand how to use rhino. So recently graduated maker Rossy adams and Charlie the tech dem both on sperate occasions helped me design the medal. DRawing and maquete had helped me figure out the actuall shape and design of the medal, but rhino was able to sort out every detail and show me if it even worked. It did. 

To be able to £d print all files must be saved at an STL this is so the printing programme cura can see and print the object. Cura is the only programmethat is compatible with the ultimaker 2 plus (3D printer). As my medal consists as 2 disks  with a channel and tabs that jut out it wouldn’t be a simple print. £d printers can only print on top of something there can be no underhangs or floating bits that need to be cut off. SO i had to split each disc in half on rhino and print 4 parts. I Saved each part as a sperate STL so i would be able to move the around of cura and print them in one go. The printers use a material called PLA which is a type of plastic. PLA is heated up and printed through a novel of 0.4 mm. It prints the design in layers of crisscrossing lines to build up the shape and strength. However my small disc which had a diameter of 75mm look 5 hours to print. 

This was an excellent way of checking the design and working out any problems. Although i did need to sand the tabs down alot to get it to spin. However it was 75% of the size of the real medal so it being a bit of a tight squeeze might not be a problem inn the bigger size. For about 2 weeks i constantly had this in my hand turing the disks its acted like a stress ball.  I found myself. Moving it as i would think of listen in a talk. It was distracting but actually helped me focus. I would like to revisit this idea at a later date.


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