Makers disc

After the experiment with the finger prints were successfully i had to think about the other factors of the medal. The mechanics were in motion but I hadn’t yet thought about the marks of a maker. The finger prints represented the identity of the makers, however they’re hard to tell who’s is who’s.  I like the idea that the finger prints represents a person but you can only tell who’s it is by the accompanying mark. A tool mark, texture of a specific material or a signature makes each object that is made individual to its maker. 

I borrowed some tools from some of the makers to test them out in clay. Using some terracotta i cut at 100mm circle with the indent of a smaller circle replicating the size of the real medal. I tested different marks and ways of imprinting them into the clay. 

I tried to test different tools from people who had given me their finger prints to make it was realistic as possible. I got some of them to inprint some of their own tools. For example clio used her scalpel so i could get an accurate representation  of how they would actually use their typology or mark. 

I was going to originally match the finger print with the mark however the disk rotate so they would be moving from person to person. I actually like this idea though that you try and match a person with their ma or that both the marks and finger print opens up the possibility of experimentation  . Gives makers the opportunity to explore in different fields from different oll or different materials and processes.

AS i was experimenting with different marks it occurred to me how little space on the inner disk there is for the marks, where the outer disk had way too much room for the finger prints. I drew so other designs in my sketchbook with them in reverse. SO the finger prints would be on the inner disk and their marks on the outer.   This way the fingerprints would be close together and in interesting positions and there would be alot more room for tools and mark. I could also show a few ways of using the tool anr material. 


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