Cardboard Maquette 

After some thinking and drawings I decided that my medal needed to combine  representation of people as makers and how they communicate, demonstrate or express themselves through their work and that it is theirs. To do this i wanted to have several of the makers that i know and have their finger prints on the medal, to accompany that i wanted their favoured tool mark  or texture. But before i focused on the detail i wanted to sort of the moving aspec of the medal.

I orginally wanted to have several discs inside each other that you would be able to push up creating a sort of funnel shape. The finger prints would be on the top of the discs and the marks inside on the edge to only be seen when the discs were elivated. This proved to be incredibly difficult to even think about moving the disks. As i am no engineer with a limited time for this project I decided to simplify the design. The elevation of the layer really had to direct link to the concept. However 2-3 discs rotating inside each other would. If a disc had the prints and the marks on another, you could rotate them a match different tool to different people, as if they were trying different material or process or showing versititily of medium and their tools. On a more personal level to me makers whether on my course or already work embody craftmens ship they value independent work hand crafter items. They push the boundarys challenge the norms of making pushing then limits and. being innnotive. FOr me this concept is pushing men limits and seriously challenging me but also emphasises the  course im on and my passion making  is how i personally cope in hard suituations, i make objects to give to people to show them i care that ive put effort into some within for them. Making and my own styles and preference are what makes me who i am. I don’t usually do welll in conceptual based projects so to make this hopefully a successful project i need to base it on something that will motivate me. 

TO see if the rotating idea would work i created a cardboard maquette. 

I Started with the idea of 3 discs after some very technical ideas of pins,notches and links that I couldnt comprehend at all.  I decided to go with an idea i could actually understand. This was a horizontal dividing layer in each disc that broke the index of the disc in to an upper and lower chamber/channel. The tabs of the inner discs would slot into a verticals channel that would let it run through either the upper or lower channel. THis maquette was designed for the elevating idea. 

This maquette was very difficult to make in cardboard and took a round 3 hours to make. Drawing is not my strongest skills and i really struggle to communicate my ideas through 2D. This maquette (up till that point) was the most intricate model i had ever made and i was proud.  It showed me that the elivation idea was maybe a little to complex and for that effect wasn’t that impressive nor did it actually have any relevance . I also discovered that if im to have finger prints and marks what would go on the 3rd disc , would i need it ?  The medal could be no more the 100mm diameter so would i have enough room to put the deatails on with 3 discs. 


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