Art, science and the construction of reality

What do you understand as truth? • Something you believe as honest or right

 • Belief 

 • Sight 

 • Proved correct 

 • Evidence

What counts as knowledge in the age of the internet?

 • Knowing of information 

 • Educated 

 • Knowing about technology 

 • Understanding of processes 

 • Fast thinking through technology.

 • The internet has the knowledge that we doing posses nor do we want to learn it all. 

 • Don’t have to work for the information. 
Is belief the same as truth?

I believe that so is it true?
The earth was believed to be flat cameras and physical evidence proved opur initial beliefes were untrue. We did not have enough knowledge to have the truth.
Art and science makes claims to truth but they both have very different understandings of truth.

Science is valued more than belief in the western world. Art is being removed from the core curriculum. 

Formative assessment 1000 words. Prep for dissertation proposal. 

18th november study visit to the science museum and the tate britain for the turner prize.

Assessment criteria – actually read it!
History and theory of art and design 

Why art and design matters. The objects do not speak for themselves

Knowledge is no the consumption of truths , facts are manufactured, inquiry is an ongoing interactive practice.

Reflection on your learning across all parts of your course including your studio practice pep. 
Facts are manufactured, science and facts are ever changing cant decided on a final answer. 
What we believes in the 17th century is now more refined has changed . Knowledge is spreading out instead of zooming in. On going oprocess can not ever stop. Its interactive always working with the voice (work) of someone else always comparing. 
If I had to invite 4 figures of people from my practice that have influence me I would have a sense of who I would want to bring. Due to my relationship to them or theirs work. Comparison and contrast.
PDP- being aware of how we are behaving and acting how it is reflecting out practice, our roll. Were not receiver education is more that a passage. We recognise how and what we are learning. 
Showing examples.
The essay- enquire exploration have an opinion or a view but include in other views.
 The what things are……………………………… its all a matter of personal opinion.
 • Histories theories

 • Artefacts texts

 • Beliefs concepts

 • Arguments 
Record the most important argument and why – judgment call 

Which views are strong more evidence stronger more possibilities, references to scientific discovery , artefacts texts philosophers artists. 
There is no such thing as the way things are. There aere other ways of seeing the world. 
What does a virus look like?


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