Maquete star map 

My original  idea was based on their movement of the stars within the northern hemisphere this ideas was based on my grandfather being part of a navigation treat in ww2. Their regiment was know and the pleadies or the severn sisters. Or so im told. I am also keen in astronomy so they influenced my design for the medal.

I planned to have a northern constellation map on the inside of one disc and a circular tree line with a small exsposed are on top. As the top disc would rotate a small p[art of the map would be revealed. 

This concept was the perfect opportunity to add the element of movement to my design as it mimics the roation of the earth to view the stars. 

However if feel like this idea doesnt quite cut it. Although the inspiration from my grandfarther means alot to me i dont feel like the design really pushes my skills enough.  Although i am really keen to have a medal that moves. I was speaking to clio about different ideas when she mentioned the lack of craft with in our culture, and how she was trying to get that idea across in her medal. This got me thinking about the different crafts people on the course use and are learning. This lead on to how different every maker is our styles, our use of materials our crafts. I started to think about how individual everyone on the course is and how they demonstrate their individual work. For exampl initials, finger prints even the use of a favourite tool. 

In clay i experimented with some textures or prints to get some initial ideas. My first ide was based on textures of materials we used so i took a print of a knot form a log in the studio. 

The print had amazing texture lots of ridges and crevices that I wouldn’t have been able to hand carve. For one side of a medal i like the imnprint of the log. However i want to reprint a range of makers, and wooden. Is one material that a few makers work with. I felt the imprint of wood does embody makers although i do like the idea of somehow having texture of materials on the medal. 

Instead of focusing on the material i thought in more depth about makers were people, we make marks , we use our hands we use tools. Id seen on the Bams website after finger prints and fist shaped medals, the hand hand cast caught my attention because of a square edge working in comntrast with the closed hand.  Grabbed a ball of clay and d squished in in my hand making sure i really pressed my fingers in to to the clay.  It reminded me of Rachel Whiteread “s work. I didn’t take a cast of my fist like the example on Bams, i took an imprint of the negative space inside my closed hand. 

I like ’tis form and how ithows one of the main tools a maker uses their hands. However im trying to embodys makers and how they make yet this mead would only fit in my hand or someone with smaller hands. I want to creat a medal that prepresents people who make or have a craft and how they create their work. My smallish hand doesnt really do this . 


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