Subject final piece 

The brief of this project was to create something that had a balance or contrast between beautiful usable. My style tends to be more of the beautiful side. At the start of the project I aimed for both beautiful and useable with decrotive autumnal lighting. Throughout the year this rapidly developed due to the material and research I found. Just like my original influences of leaves this project naturally developed into what it is today an beautiful decrotive piece. It’s function is to look beautiful, you want beautiful piece to decorate an interior or gallery instead of an “ugly” piece. I’ve have kept the running theme of nature and momentum in both the original falling leaves to shadows to waves. This is the farthest a project has ever developed for me but I am still pleased with the results. 
I think the copper against the chrome and blue steel works well, the warm tones lights really lift the piece as well. I think I have embodied fluidity in such a solid and strong material. Even though I didn’t properly achieve blue steel I still love the affect I got there’s so much life and imagery within the oil and heat stains, it adds another factor to the fairly complex piece. I think as a whole it looks quite effortless and to me calming. 

If I had more time I would improve it by perhaps perfecting my blue steel technique whether I would prefere the proper example or the effect I got I don’t know untill I saw both examples. I would have tried to protect the outer boarder better to make the waves have a frame and adding more of the the silver steel. I would also sort my lights out so that one they wouldn’t die so easily and that I would have a few more. I think due to the shortness of the second lot of lights they are centre around the middle of the piece too much. 

I do think I have made a successful piece I don’t think I pushed myself to much other tha. In time constraints but it does represent me very well. IK feel that generally the most successful maker pieces are a hybrid of at least two materials like wood and glass for example so I would want to push my materials farther. However I would happily decorate with this piece. 


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