Future generations final

This plastic project follows on from my archaeologists projects. I wanted to create something that was mainly plastic bags to influence people. I want to show people what the materials is capable of so instead of throwing them away they could do this. I tried creating everyday object or using techniques that are commonly know for example knitting or sewing. AS time went on I resorted to another wall hanging. It’s not a useful object but I think this project is more for showing than using. A wall hanging or tapestry really highlights plastic in another form.

I’m annoyed to say I left this final making too late. If I had more time I would have used more technique and other types of bags with different colours and textures, like crotchet or using wire to bone the plastic. I would also give it more shape instead of as blocky as it is now. I would also have it actually hanging so the light could actually reach all of he texture instead of small spots. How it’s hung with the long cardboard tubes doesn’t allow light to reach a lot of the tapestry especially the top. Although this does allow the viewer to see both lit and unlit texture. 

I love the effect the heat gun had on their plastic. I feel everyone knows of the ironing trick so the heat gun is unexpected and not as controlled. It’s better for embroidery but I wanted to create that texture change the appearance and properties of the plastic untill it’s not really noticeable. 
I think it definitely makes a statement and from the entrance I don’t think it’s easy to destinguish the material, which was the aim.  Again time constraints and lack of time management got to me I planned turbines or hammocks but didn’t have the knowledge or time to learn or make these things which is a shame but gives my ideas for the future. Overall I like how it’s come together well I’m proud to put it in my exhibition space. 


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