Workshop outcome 

During college I would always avoid clay, I did not get on the material I couldn’t manipulate the way I wanted. How ever this was hand building at uni I got the opportunity to throw which is very different to hand building. I love the fact that with minimal effort or direction I can produce something beautiful and solid. As long as centring and you don’t push the clay too far I can produce something I’m proud of. I can’t make something large or perfectly centred but I like slight off centre work, I think it represents me as an artist I seem to always make rounded shapes or bowls. Over the next few years I will work towards improving my ceramic skills.

Raku is a fairly dangerous process there’s hot open kiln, smoke chambers, the occasional bit of fire and the most beautiful ceramic products I have seen. The best advice I could give to someone doing ceramic is have no expectations. Depending on the heat you put it at how long you fire it for how long you smoke it for depends on the outcome. Every Tim I have done raku I have got completely different results even though I used the same glazes. I. Also a big fan because of how quick a firing is which only takes 2-3 hours including the reduction process. I am in love with vibrant colours especially metallic copper finish and the white crackle. They have a rustic care free feel to them because the glaze does what it wants I am able to guide and influence the result but I will never know the outcome untill i clean it. 


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