Subject lighting 

Over the last few weeks I have continued to manipulate and change my subject object. I was adding more and more copper wire trying to fix that little something that was missing. Martin Lane gave me one of his models which was a prototype of  a wood and card frame with symmetrical waves throughout. It is very similar to my waves metal wall hanging except martinis was much more uniform and equal. In  the mackete Martin had wired copper and LED string lights. These were perfect for my sculpture because of the blue of the steel and the copper wire I’ve already used. The lights were also a warm yellow/white colour which adds a warm tone to the piece. 

However these lights are incredibly fragile from all the moving, twisting and weaving. They unfortunate stopped working but because the LEDs were very subtly and the lights consisted of copper wire it blended very well with the wire I already had woven on the piece. The added wire really adds the amount of copper the piece needed. I was fortunately able to borrow some shorter copper lights from another student and now I feel the piece is finished. 



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