Process future generation 

The aim of my future generation and Future archaeologists projects are to subtly show what you can do if you were to recycle, reuse plastic bags. I have experimented with procces that with practice or minimal equipment people can easily do at home that creates useful or beautiful objects in their everyday life.

I want to use plastic bags as a medium, however I want create an object that’s at least a t first isn’t noticeable as being plastic bags. I want to create the idea that we can do many thing with plastic that doesn’t make them look like a common object make it something you would want to use or to decorative with. I want to show the diversity of the humble plastic bag. 

I have used many different process like cutting, folding, sewing, knitting, papermaking, storage and stuffing. A common technique is to iron plastic between sheets of grease proof pape. This almost solidify a the flimsy material making it more stable and manigable. BY pure accident I stumbled across another similar technique. I wanted to do the ironing technique but didn’t have an available iron so I decided to use a heat gun. In stead of creating a more solid carrier bag like with the ironing technique is shrunk the plastic in veins and Irregularlplaces(see sketchbook for examples)

The heat gun produces stunning texture. I can tell its some sort of warped material but plastic or bin bags would not be my first guess. This tricked produces these distinctive hole and almost Webb like structure. Thinner plastic produce thinner web and bein like lines. The variety inspired me to creat a textural piece showing a drastic change to the material. In all my research is never came across something else.

I decided I wanted to try and use bags with no print on the make the material even more mysterious. I made a trip to telcos and found plain navy and purple bin linerswhich were perfect, as well as stealing a few recycling liners from halls I had a nice plain but colourful and cohesiveness colour story.

I wanted to use another the unique to see if I could emphasise or highlight some of the texture I though free hand embroidery would be perfect. I found that although the thread adds another dimension to their piece and does highlight the texture the right colour doesn’t distract from the plastics itself. 

As well as the heat gun fabric I wanted to incorporate some techniques from previous experiments like knitting or crotchet. This adds more textures to the piece. KNitting is commonly known by many people and give its a more relatable aspect. Lots of people could archive certain parts if not all of the object. 

To add another dimension to this textural piece I was to back light some areas. The veining really stands out when light up. It makes the texture stronger in some areas and the actually material the focus in the shaded areas.The light also creates two tones of blue plastic both dark navy and a lighter teal. The embroidery also becomes more prominent with the back lighting. I think this lighting creates contrast and dimensions. I like to think of it as another visual texture something for the eyes to focus on and compare. 


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