Beautiful useable Making 

My beautiful useable project has developed incredibly far from my original autumnal lamp ideas THGrought out the year I was learning more and more process and discovering more nature based artists ones that worked with light and shadows or movement and perspective.I eventually followed the path of waves. And movement of wate. I feel like my first year and been constantly moving changing and developing never stopping.

MY favourite macketes are the last two pictures. They have more complexity to them involving more weaving and movement. Waves have a stunning form they are constantly moving there’s freedom and fluidity in its shape that Stubbs people so many picture are taken of eater the ocean beaches,The ocean is one of the most beautiful things at least in my opinion.. 

After deciding to go with the copper design I started making a larger version in 1.5ml mild steel.Using the metal guilt teen I cut a 90 by 90 cm square of steel. I then measured 15 70 cm long lines with 5cm between each line. This produced 14 stripes. 

Using the plasma cutter and a steel beam as a ruler or guide I cut along the 70cm lines. This produced a large barcode. 

I then used the roller to curve the whole piece in to a sin shape preparing the sheet for the manipulation of each strip.

Using a variety of sized metal tube I roughly shaped some of the strips into different curves. When this was too subtl for my liking I decided ( with gloves) to hand pull the strips into varying heights curves and kinks. I pulled some forward and some back to create a random yet harmonious composition each wave is different and won’t be symmetrical to others so I played on this and kept manipulating till I was happy. 

The manipulation of the strips made the curve of the whole sheet lose its s shaped but seeing as the centre of the design is the focus a subtle outer curve adds balance and throw focus to the stips.

Plasma cutting produce metal dust and dirt, so before I added anything or carried on with process I needed to clean the metal. I firstly tried using hand soap which sort of worked but it still look grimes. I then found some methylated spirits which cleaned the metal straight away. IT also got rid of the pen marks I used to map out the lines for cutting.

The next step was to polish the metal. Using a electric polish bit I polished a cleaned up the sheet I mainly focuses on the outer boarder because it was. Staying shiny chrome.

In the 3rd year show Bryn Richards has used a process called blue steel on his geometric ,

Blue steel is a process where’s metal is heated to roughly 400-600 degrees c. This temperature scale produces and varying colour gradient from purple to blue to black once dipped in oil and cooled. NOt really thinking it through or having the time to properly test my ideas I decided to try blue steel on my final piece. I actually did the process the wrong way Lund and dint achieve the proper finish but on the plus side I actually like the affect I got. 

Usually for the space and equipment we have at uni blue steel needs to be done on small pieces of steel as I have quite a large sheet for my piece is couldn’t use the conventional way.  I wiped linseed oil over some of the steel strands and heated them up with a the industrial blow torch on the forge. Not know ing I had top reach a specific temperature I just went with it. I then put a damp cloth of some patches with unfortunately stuck due to the intense heat and synthetic material;l. As it takes a few minutes to get hot enough a lot of the oil actually dried leaving oil stains and patterns. Although I dint achieve a blue steel Like BRyns work I really like the pattern I have created, it’s not neat it reacted and developed in its own way. I love materials and process where I don’t fully control the out com. Because I used Oslo the end results seems to look like oil spills AS my them is natural influence a key one being waves it seems fitting. Just like the ocean I’m going with the flow and want the piece to form I don’t want to restrict it.

To add dimension to the sheet I decided to add strands of write, in particular copper wire. Copper and blue is one of my favourite colour combination. I was able to get hold of thin electrical wire, thicker copper wire, copper mesh and navy wire.  The coloured writes cohesively enhance the movement and shape of the metal sheet. 

My first attempt at securing the. Wire was with the fastening from a rivet. It help the wire securely bu the whole rivet wasn’t. Secure in the hole in between because strip. Copper wire cannot be welded so spot welding wasn’t a option. I then tripe to whole punch in between each hole so I could weave the wire but the outer boarder is too large .My last option was to knot and bend the end of the wire in most cases they wire held securely between each steel strip but in some cases I had to just glue the end a little so nothing would ping out.

This project has ended up being an experimentation and development of material and process with a influence from nature .its represents my journey of first year how I developed and how my knowledge and experience of materials and processes have improved and been enhanced. 

THis wall hanging is certainly more beautiful than useable but is useable for either gallery space or home decor. THis piece is incredibly personal not just because of the materials but I find that waves very calming. I hope it can provoke the same feelings in others. 


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