OBeautiful useable macketes

Ironically this projects app read to have changed with the seasons as well as the knowledge I have learnt within in my first year of university. The beautiful useable project has moved on from autumnal lighting to metallic wave hanging piece keeping in contact with the natural and movement​ themes.





Based on the waves pictures and the mathematic symbol of sin and cos(sign) waves I created these small machetes.  With time and skill on a bigger scale these wallhangings could capture the fluidity of oceanic waves but also the presicion of the symbols.  I have decided to use metal as the base material because although I have tested many medium and process I have relatively high expect ions for my bigger projects I want to use a material process that I feel I have enough skill in to deliver a finished object that portrays my ideas. Metal is my comfort material I feel oddly relaxed and in control when cutting with the plasma cutter or welding . However The ocean is constantly moving its is fluid it’s beautiful but it can be merciless taking countless lives, water is the perfect balance of life and death , health and danger. In my eyes Metal can be stunning its sleek strong its can be manipulated in to beautifulshapes. Yet it can be a rigid structure but embody movement and fluidity in its static form. ON the other hand it can also be horrible to work with, dirty sharp and highly highly dangerous. I think it’s a good representation of my inspiration which is waves…
I prefere the machetes C. And D because the complexity and variety of curves and wire thickness. This makes them a much more appealing visually. The more overlapping wire lines add dimension and depth to the design whilst em body’s waves both the natural and mathematic form. 

My next design was to create more of a symmetrical shape coinciding with the sin symbol with irregular weaving strips representing the uncontrollable a fluid nature of wate. As the original idea was autumnal commercial lighting I wanted to link the new idea to some sort of decoration or object you find in a similar setting. I invigion this piece in a gallery space or as a wall hanging. The main body of the sculpture won’t be in copper but I would like to add a hint of the material. Not only is it my favourite material due to its colouring , uses and properties but it’s warmth reminds me of the Autumn which was the steaks my starting point.


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