Plastic bag artists

Pascale Marthine Tayou

Pascale Marthine Tayou is a Camaroonian artist. He started exhibiting in the 1990’s and how exhibited all over Europe. The theme of his work is to target and combine issues of individuality and national identity. He also bases his work on Global consumption. His unique visual language is shows through the use of found objects and traditional craft.

This 10 meter high sculpture  called plastic bag was shown in Rome and made entirely and disposable carrier bags. It sends a message about consumerism and homelessness. The large scale of this piece really emphasises how bad these issues are in our world today. Its also the first thing you notice about the piece. Its also set in an appropriate place, a place that represents industry and manufacture. But also if abandoned where homeless people could take shelter. Its a statement sculpture with an important message that is also re purposing plastic bags.


This project was created by Swedish architecture students. Their brief was to fill an abandoned room with a geometric structure. They inflated the bags with lights inside then tied them in geometric shapes. The jelled lights illuminated the fragile lights, the quantity of the lights engulfed the room. Its was described as a “magical ” place (

The interesting part of this installation for me is how even though you can tell they are carrier bags, its shows the more beautiful and fragile side of the object. The etheral colours of the lighting emphasaise the magical feel the piece creates. I also think its a clever choice of material, seeing as they had to fill an abandoned room with a object that we regualrly abandone when weve used them. Again I am also a fan of the quantity and use of the space. Large scale installation piece are my favourite type of gallery/ space work.




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