Coming to Cardiff met i knew metal and cold metal manipulation was my preferred medium and process. Although its my favourite i was very excited to try lots of other processes. I thoroughly enjoyed pewter, enameing, paper making and stitch to name a few ,but the most influential material has been ceramic.


During college i developed a hatred for clay, i hated it with a burning passion. But on an induction of throwing i actually loved it. Throwing was very therapeutic for me. My thrown objects weren’t the best in the world but it gave me a breather from my projects and everyday life. It was nice to put my head phones in and just try to understand the way clay works, the way it moves and how to manipulate it .


After a few goes on the wheel i actually managed to make some bowls. It may have been one of the happiest days of life. I even managed to turn them. This is when the clay is leather hard and you can trim the object making it neater before bisque firing.



I really took to Raku, this is a process where once a pieces is bisque fired it can be glazed, fired, smoked, and cleaned all in a few hours. This technique creatures a cracked glaze, or vibrant colour in an almost foiled affect. It’s one of the most effective and most appealing finishes for ceramics although it is most decorative purposes only.



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