Field- Development

Fine art student



illistration student


Product design student


Initial drawing, we each drew a different body part without each other seeing our designs. We did both the outside and inside of our monster.


product design student – environment


outer body of monster joint drawing.



This was an interesting project, but the only  way i felt i could relate it to my other future generations projects was to someone how link the monster to renewable energy or recycling. Orgially It was like underated superhero.

The idea of field is a good concept. Working with students from other areas of art and design allow us to see projects from other perspectives. Where’s in maker i would usually focus on the processes and techniques to make a 3D ieces a illustration or any toher practce od art would approach it differently. For example an illustration, fine art and maker all did a collage. one was a photoshop of different pictures one one newspaper paint and pen collage and the ast was ink drawigs on different pieces of ripped papper. Tey are all the same idea but we all used diffrent mediums.

I would have prefered to do a project that more closely linked to my projects. For example plastic bag poncho making. Having said that it was interesting working in this group project its something ive never thought about. Maybe human modificaion will be possible in the future.


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