How my practice acknowledges individual cognitive development

Generally children learn the best through playing and discovering through their own actions. Jean Piagett explains in his theory that he persieves children to be philosophers. They are not unintelligent.A lot of adults assume that because they think differently to us and see the world from a different perspective that they are less inteligent. it doesnt make them intelectually weaker than adults just different.

My practice as an art and and design student, a maker acknowledges individual cognitive development by encouraging the interacive and creative side of our brains. We design and think about our designs but are also highly encouraged to make, to practice, to learn techniques to make our thoughts and idead come to life, making them 3D.

Piaget descibed the relation between subject and object how they are fussed. They bounce of each other. By using one either subject or object you can understand the opposite. Art and design balances the the high need or understanding for both subject and object without either our work or projects would not reach its full potential or be fully understood. A key part of every childs cogitive development is the learning and understanding of this relationship no matter the individual. This relationship is the building blocks for development that art and design keeps encouragingng and using.

Generally a large amount of “artistic” people have disoreders such as dyslexi so understanding subject can be truly dfficult. But the need for balance to explain the  subject helps encourage the develpoment and learning of it. Art and design also supports artist more heavily in this deparement furthing our cognitive development.Maker has a balance of both accademic and perceptive arts giving us a well rounded view and understanding of the world.



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