IT is a combination of God the devil, mother nature and a Robot. This is show by it’s feathered wing represent God, the devil horns representing a counter of God, the devil. It’s lower body is the main representation of its other quarters that make up It. The left leg is made up of cogs, springs a pieces of metal where’s in contrast the right leg consists of sturdy tree bark and intertwining vines. It is in complete balance both signifying the moral compass both wrong and right. It also embodies creativity and flow from its natural side. Yet logic and power from its robotic quarter. IT is neither female nor male, although it has the anatomy and shaping of both sexes, It can not reproduce on its own as there is no other it in existence like it.

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We imagined IT to be a hidden force, who alters and changes the world. Seeing as It is a balance of good and bad in the world It can change the world from a non bias perspective. It’s decisions are for both the planet and humanity well being meaning we cant know about it’s tasks, thoughts or even It. This also makes it lonely, where no one can know about it or even understand the pressure and duty of this higher being there is no  one to console it or help with the burden that us as a species.


It is fate punishment and love. It is the embodiment of the earth and humanity.


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We perceive it as a mascot for green living, its other role is protecting the earth. It encourages the use of sustainable resources, recycling and development of technology to renew the planet. It lives of alternate energy. It also shapes us to strat looking after our home.

I imagine It to thrive off emotions as well as natural energy just as we enjoy both healthy and junk food, it would thrive off happiness, fear, sadness , love. Some emotions better or more addictive than the others. Although It is neutral It must feed off all emotions to fur fill the balance that it embodies.By using natural energy It is in connection with earth with out harming it. Allowing It to each us how to properly care for the world after we nearly destroyed it. This also means Although it is lonely it cant express any real emotions otherwise its moral compass would be compromised and it would not be able to fur fill a fair judgement of the world.


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Earth is Its home. Due to All of It’s responsibilities no can know about everything it does therefore it leads an incredibly lonely life. I imagined when It isn’t furflling its duties it would wander the world searching for more wondering if there was someone that could understand it before travelling to its next job.Although it cant let its loneliness effect its job, it is fairly content with bring balance to the world. It may not understand why there is only it but it understands that no people on earth can know or even comprehend the task which it controls.

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