Hylomorphism and the Dance of the Agents

“creativity happens between things” – ingold


Hylomorphism- The theory that physical objects are composed of material and matter.


Agency – An action of intervention producing a particular effect

In my first creativity and cognitive development in art and design session i learnt how every process is influenced by the agent, environment and matter within the situation.

PhotoScan (36)

The agent is the person orchestrating the event,and can only achieve the process if the environment it is happening in and the matter being used allows it. All three variables have to be in relative harmony to work. Without each other the process will not succeed. For example:

The potter can only produce an artefact if 1, there is clay and it is appropriate to what they want to make and 2, if they have the appropriate equipment. Both the clay and wheel depend on the potter making them dependant on each other.

In many cases there are more than 3 factors. If I were to MIG weld I would be the agent, dong the physical welding but I need the metal, welder, extraction fan and safety equipment to produce the work. If any of these were removed from the situation including myself as the agent the process would not be able to work. Each is a fundamental part of the welding.


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