Coming to Cardiff met i knew metal and cold metal manipulation was my preferred medium and process. Although its my favourite i was very excited to try lots of other processes. I thoroughly enjoyed pewter, enameing, paper making and stitch to name a few ,but the most influential material has been ceramic.


During college i developed a hatred for clay, i hated it with a burning passion. But on an induction of throwing i actually loved it. Throwing was very therapeutic for me. My thrown objects weren’t the best in the world but it gave me a breather from my projects and everyday life. It was nice to put my head phones in and just try to understand the way clay works, the way it moves and how to manipulate it .


After a few goes on the wheel i actually managed to make some bowls. It may have been one of the happiest days of life. I even managed to turn them. This is when the clay is leather hard and you can trim the object making it neater before bisque firing.



I really took to Raku, this is a process where once a pieces is bisque fired it can be glazed, fired, smoked, and cleaned all in a few hours. This technique creatures a cracked glaze, or vibrant colour in an almost foiled affect. It’s one of the most effective and most appealing finishes for ceramics although it is most decorative purposes only.



Field- Development

Fine art student



illistration student


Product design student


Initial drawing, we each drew a different body part without each other seeing our designs. We did both the outside and inside of our monster.


product design student – environment


outer body of monster joint drawing.



This was an interesting project, but the only  way i felt i could relate it to my other future generations projects was to someone how link the monster to renewable energy or recycling. Orgially It was like underated superhero.

The idea of field is a good concept. Working with students from other areas of art and design allow us to see projects from other perspectives. Where’s in maker i would usually focus on the processes and techniques to make a 3D ieces a illustration or any toher practce od art would approach it differently. For example an illustration, fine art and maker all did a collage. one was a photoshop of different pictures one one newspaper paint and pen collage and the ast was ink drawigs on different pieces of ripped papper. Tey are all the same idea but we all used diffrent mediums.

I would have prefered to do a project that more closely linked to my projects. For example plastic bag poncho making. Having said that it was interesting working in this group project its something ive never thought about. Maybe human modificaion will be possible in the future.

How my practice acknowledges individual cognitive development

Generally children learn the best through playing and discovering through their own actions. Jean Piagett explains in his theory that he persieves children to be philosophers. They are not unintelligent.A lot of adults assume that because they think differently to us and see the world from a different perspective that they are less inteligent. it doesnt make them intelectually weaker than adults just different.

My practice as an art and and design student, a maker acknowledges individual cognitive development by encouraging the interacive and creative side of our brains. We design and think about our designs but are also highly encouraged to make, to practice, to learn techniques to make our thoughts and idead come to life, making them 3D.

Piaget descibed the relation between subject and object how they are fussed. They bounce of each other. By using one either subject or object you can understand the opposite. Art and design balances the the high need or understanding for both subject and object without either our work or projects would not reach its full potential or be fully understood. A key part of every childs cogitive development is the learning and understanding of this relationship no matter the individual. This relationship is the building blocks for development that art and design keeps encouragingng and using.

Generally a large amount of “artistic” people have disoreders such as dyslexi so understanding subject can be truly dfficult. But the need for balance to explain the  subject helps encourage the develpoment and learning of it. Art and design also supports artist more heavily in this deparement furthing our cognitive development.Maker has a balance of both accademic and perceptive arts giving us a well rounded view and understanding of the world.




IT is a combination of God the devil, mother nature and a Robot. This is show by it’s feathered wing represent God, the devil horns representing a counter of God, the devil. It’s lower body is the main representation of its other quarters that make up It. The left leg is made up of cogs, springs a pieces of metal where’s in contrast the right leg consists of sturdy tree bark and intertwining vines. It is in complete balance both signifying the moral compass both wrong and right. It also embodies creativity and flow from its natural side. Yet logic and power from its robotic quarter. IT is neither female nor male, although it has the anatomy and shaping of both sexes, It can not reproduce on its own as there is no other it in existence like it.

PhotoScan (38)


We imagined IT to be a hidden force, who alters and changes the world. Seeing as It is a balance of good and bad in the world It can change the world from a non bias perspective. It’s decisions are for both the planet and humanity well being meaning we cant know about it’s tasks, thoughts or even It. This also makes it lonely, where no one can know about it or even understand the pressure and duty of this higher being there is no  one to console it or help with the burden that us as a species.


It is fate punishment and love. It is the embodiment of the earth and humanity.


PhotoScan (42)

We perceive it as a mascot for green living, its other role is protecting the earth. It encourages the use of sustainable resources, recycling and development of technology to renew the planet. It lives of alternate energy. It also shapes us to strat looking after our home.

I imagine It to thrive off emotions as well as natural energy just as we enjoy both healthy and junk food, it would thrive off happiness, fear, sadness , love. Some emotions better or more addictive than the others. Although It is neutral It must feed off all emotions to fur fill the balance that it embodies.By using natural energy It is in connection with earth with out harming it. Allowing It to each us how to properly care for the world after we nearly destroyed it. This also means Although it is lonely it cant express any real emotions otherwise its moral compass would be compromised and it would not be able to fur fill a fair judgement of the world.


PhotoScan (39)

Earth is Its home. Due to All of It’s responsibilities no can know about everything it does therefore it leads an incredibly lonely life. I imagined when It isn’t furflling its duties it would wander the world searching for more wondering if there was someone that could understand it before travelling to its next job.Although it cant let its loneliness effect its job, it is fairly content with bring balance to the world. It may not understand why there is only it but it understands that no people on earth can know or even comprehend the task which it controls.

PhotoScan (40)

PhotoScan (41)

Hylomorphism and the Dance of the Agents

“creativity happens between things” – ingold


Hylomorphism- The theory that physical objects are composed of material and matter.


Agency – An action of intervention producing a particular effect

In my first creativity and cognitive development in art and design session i learnt how every process is influenced by the agent, environment and matter within the situation.

PhotoScan (36)

The agent is the person orchestrating the event,and can only achieve the process if the environment it is happening in and the matter being used allows it. All three variables have to be in relative harmony to work. Without each other the process will not succeed. For example:

The potter can only produce an artefact if 1, there is clay and it is appropriate to what they want to make and 2, if they have the appropriate equipment. Both the clay and wheel depend on the potter making them dependant on each other.

In many cases there are more than 3 factors. If I were to MIG weld I would be the agent, dong the physical welding but I need the metal, welder, extraction fan and safety equipment to produce the work. If any of these were removed from the situation including myself as the agent the process would not be able to work. Each is a fundamental part of the welding.