Francesco Somaini

Francesco Somaini is an Italian sculptor, Is known for his innovative sculpture combining the organic forms with architectural and geometrical designs. I mainly used very heavy dense materials like bronze, lead and iron conglomerate.

PhotoScan (2)

I really like Somain style because he has the basics of geometric shapes, but doesnt make them incredibly smoth and perfect, There are rough edges lines that arnt perfectly straight theres flow to his work. I think he has the perfect balance or organing and geometric.

PhotoScan (5).jpg

I also appreciate his use of material. I love big heavy sculpture that have a lot of body too them i feel like i can appreciate them a little bit more because of the time and effort that went into produce the material and the form that you see in the gallery. I also love the sturdiness and reliability of metal, bronze, lead.

PhotoScan (4).jpg


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