Andy Goldsworthy

Andy Goldsworthy is a British sculptor, photographer and environmentalist. Producing land art influenced by the very earth it came from. He explores our connection with nature. He takes inspiration and yearns to learn about the processes that have made the natural item and how it potentially links to us.

For example the red rock is red due to the iron with in it, our blood is read also because of the iron content. Two very different things but connected by the red within us and the iron it contains.

PhotoScan (9).jpg

He makes the material work itself never altering the actual object whether it be a rock or leaf. Goldsworthy also joins and connect using natural material carrying on the organic theme. This is allows the work to break down naturally by the elements.



He very rarely works inside because to him ” any space is dead compared to outside” I admire the fact that he feels so strongly about using and interpreting nature that his life revolves around hi natural work the world he borrows it from. He has an intimate and physical involvement with nature that is hows in his work. He makes very organic and simple forms. I think this allows the material and setting to be the main focus really highlighting the natural beauty


He describes his work as not trying to change nature but understand it further.




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