Bruce Munro

Bruce Munro is a British artists who is best know for large scale light based installations.

His most famous piece of work is called field of light. It was originally in place at the Eden project where a team of five assistants and himself worked over 3 days to install it on the grass roof of the visitors centre.

It is made up of 6,000 acrylic light stems which encase fibre optic cabling. Using 24,000 meters of fire optic each glass sphere on top its stems lights up the space like ghostly orbs.

This installation piece is enchanting, the changing colours add a gently change to the feel of the space. I find it enchanting and quite whimsical to walk through and ever-changing rainbow of glowing plants.

2015-12-06 (2).png

This installation is called the brass monkeys, it is a prymid made up of spheres representing the brass triangles that supported cannon balls on ships. Each spheres has more spheres inside containing fibre optics that make the sculpture glow from within.

Bruce’s Munro’s use of fibre optics gives his work an urethral feel. The perfectly glow with out giving discomfort its gentle and incredibly beautiful.

Munro’s work inspired me to look at the aesthetic of the lighting and the effect it will have not focusing on the shadows frames and lights could make.

The composition of his work whether large scale installation or small garden sculpture is beautiful. He captures the fluidity and softness of the light in the composition and design of his work. Its not overly complex compared to work by Conrad Shawcross but hauntingly beautiful.

I personally prefer the cool toned lights, white, blue cool purple to the yellow and oranges. I think it plays on the enchanting side of it. But i am personally a fan of blue lighting. I want to experiment with different shades of lighting how certain shapes or shadows go better with an orange light or perhaps purple.









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