Cal Lane

Cal Lane is a Canadian artist who was originally trained as a welder. She uses a variety of industrial objects such as  oil drums, containers and dumpsters. She associates herself as the devils advocate using contradictions to represent balance, as well as a clash. Running themes of her work are:

fossil fuel cal lane

  • masculinity and femininity
  • Industrial and domestic life
  • Strong and delicate
  • Practical and frivolity
  • Ornate and function
  • lace from around the world used for celebrations
  • political issues

I feel i can relate to Cal lanes work mainly because of her choice of material, metal, more specifically steel. Metal is my favourite mate I also admire the balance  of her themes. She portrays the contrasting subjects in a subtle way avoiding visual displays that forcefully show their meanings.

domesticated turf

For example ” domesticated turf” as said in the video is all about contrasts, as you explore the piece further you discover the many contexts as you dig deeper into. from an amazing cut out container, to industrial vs domestic, to masculine and femininity.

Whilst challenging the views of metal being a man’s material and very industrial to the domestic home life of a woman with pretty patterns like lace.Her work also represents her struggles of being a tomboy in her childhood, and how it lead her to political and whimsical work she does today. Cal lane incorporates aspects reflecting the environment the piece is in. The ” domestic turf” was shown in Australia at the 18th Biennale of Sydney. To connect to this she used a local sand to re create a shadow of the pattern around the container. This also links to this history of the country taking inspiration from Aboriginals and their natural drawings.







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