Playing with shadows

Due to Conrad Shawcross and Cornelia Parker’s “Cold dark matter” i really want to take this concept of installation and shadows further.

I really likes how Shawcross’s work was kinetic, where it was altering and changing the shadows. I preferred it when the shadows were smaller and there were many more of them on every surface. This got me thinking about what would everyone else prefer.

I made a small sculpture out of cocktail sticks that when moved around in front of a bright light would change forms.


With the first person she was rotating the sculpture alot playing with stool it was sat on, even balancing it. She also experiment with the distance between the light and the sculpture. This was all on a small scale.

The second person didnt move the actually sculpture as much as the first maybe rotating a little. She did however look at it on a larger scale, a close few at a small section of the section but close up. She also made the shadow go on other surfaces not just the one wall.

The 3rd person rotating it very fast looking more ot the overal form of the shadow and the visual effect of it against the wall.

This little experiment showed me that everyone prefers different effects, and how sculptures like Mia Pearlman and Conrad Shawcross appeal to everyone. Due to their changeable nature they are open up to all interpretation that can be different depending on time or what the space requires. I would like to explore changeable or kinetic sculpture more.


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